1- Fits any draw length. Make minor draw length adjustments through the upper cow knot to accommodate any archer. (major adjustments made through the bottom knot) 


*  Anchor, Transfer to Holding Back Tension

*  Improve Bow Hand Position and Pressure

*  Steady Holding Ability

*  Expansion through to a clean release 


2- Laser brings visual focus to the point of impact while executing the shot It shows any movement during the process indicating missteps of the archer illuminating areas to improve on.


* Team/Group Practice Sessions

* Individual Training at Home, at the range and Traveling

 4- Ergonomic Bow handle designed to feel great in the hand. The slimmed ridge against the hand helps find that "sweet spot" and steady your hand hold. Duplicating a good shot numerous times means you'll increase the probability of more accurate shot executions in tournament and hunting situations reaping higher scores, and more game on the table.

3-Pivot point to roll hand in to proper and consistent position

6- Lengthening or shortening the cord knot allows for major draw length adjustments. Accommodates Both COMPOUND and FINGER shooters Simply move the knot, and fine tune through top slip knot. Adjusts to 33" draw length.

5- BCY D-Loop slip yolk allows you to find the center axix od the shot easily, increasing accuracy and consistently as you expand through your shot.


* Use as a station exercise to work individually on various aspects of a shot

* Work on shot sequence and timing

* Coaches can use various positions easily

* Teach the FIRST SHOT

* Learn a new release aid to build confidence prior to using on the bow

* Specific targeted training cuts down on time between shots = MORE PRACTICE SHOTS


* Training for perfection builds confidence. Thus building up an archer and their skills puts their hearts and minds into position for success. Not only in archery but in every aspect of their lives.

* .Building a team means building every part in relations, sportsmanship, character and values to be a complete unified body


 The Trainer-X in practice allows an archer to see their improvement as they learn to hold steady in their shot. This builds their confidence and a good coach/student relationship


Trainer-X  Fingers with green stretch band gives perfect feel of shooting Olympic style, traditional, genesis bows. *weight on bottom not included  $59.95

Trainer-X Release Aids with Blue string and D-Loop for use with caliper, hinge ,thumb style release aids    $59.95

Included in Every Trainer-X package : 1- Trainer-X Patent pending Handle, Blue or Green String, Trainer-X Laser, and Scaled 80cm Practice Target face . *2x AAA batteries not included

Vinyl Trainer-X Scaled practice Target face. This 80cm face is perfectly scaled at 50 meters when you stand 15 feet from target. Stand 7.5 feet for 25 meter scale.   $5.00 

Every Trainer-X Can be custom drilled and tapped to receive additional weights and your own stabilizer  ADD $10.00 to Trainer-X

Trainer-X Shooter Jersey. We can outfit your Trainer-X jersey with your own sponsors  $89.00 ea.




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